Whether you are looking for a personalized plan to help you lose weight, gain muscles or just be healthy. If you need advice on product development, nutritional analysis of a recipe, or a healthy menu for your restaurant. If you have a TV or radio show and need a nutrition and public health expert for an honest, unbiased view on the latest trends and medical nutrition therapy. I would love to hear from you!

Individual Nutrition Counselling


I work with Cooper Health Clinics within a multidisciplinary team of general...

Group Counselling

Whether you work with a school, a university or in the corporate world and would like me to visit for group assessments in house, drop me a line...

Virtual Coaching


If you are not based in the UAE or you simply don't have the time to physically visit...

Talks and Workshop

Awareness campaign development, informal talk in coffee mornings, schools and corporate TED talks, children and adult workshops with hands on...

TV / Media Nutrition Content

I create content and deliver talks in media in all topics related to Adult nutrition, children and parenting food tips, health behaviour education...

Menu Creation and Analysis

I review, analyse and create healthy menus for restaurants, school canteens and  dietetic centres.

Brand Collaboration

If you have a brand that aligns with my practice I help in promotion and product development.