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The Anti-inflammatory Bolognese


Download the recipe here 

Why is this Recipe anti-inflammatory?

A few replacements make a big difference:

Instead of Processed veg...

Immunity & Nutrition for Adults and Children


Check out my latest presentation (in English) on the relationship between immunity and nutrition here.

. العلاقة بين التغذية والمناعة ونصائح سريعة لتقوية المناعة .


Acai Bowl for your health


Acai fruits are potent antioxidants and the frozen ones have a creamy texture when blended with bananas or avocados.

Try this recipe for a daily dose of energy.



Which produce shall I buy organic?



Children Nutrition Series


Sometimes it is not the food itself, it is the way we present it, talk about it, the context around it, that affect how our child reacts to it.

Liten to the podcast from my interview with Helen Farmer on Dubaie Eye on February 25th; the talk is about general children nutrition with many...

10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms to Cook More and Cook Healthier


Have some cooked staples always at hand to use when you are in a rush: cooked  brown rice, boiled quinoa, brown pasta, grilled chicken breast. Stack your freezer with home cooked dishes organized in portioned and labelled containers...

Professionals Don’t Blog


I had a client once, few years back who had booked an apt with me and showed up into my office and started off by asking me: So what are your credentials? Because 1- who books an apt with someone they don't know or haven't asked about at least? 2-there are 500 ways to know more about my credentials and asking it this way is not one of them...