Enzo (10) and Elliott Kahi (14)

When we first started with Tina, we had 2 important challenges that we had to adjust for my 2 athletic Sons. 
They both play tennis on daily basis for almost 3 hours a day - We had to tackle the nutrition habit and made sure they get stronger and fitter.

Elliott (14 years) had few Kg's to drop with no proper eating habits. 
Enzo (10 years) was underweight with few Kg's to gain and no appetite to eat properly enough. 
They both needed professional guidance in terms of healthy eating habits, helping their fast growth and feeding the muscles with a balanced body fat %.

Tina's approach to the above issues was simple. She knew that by teaching the boys the right eating habits, she will be able to help them improve their daily training. She wanted to make sure they learn these habits for life!
It is remarkable now when the boys would talk about the benefits and the different types of food they can consume before and after their training with such confidence and sharpness.

We are so much grateful for Tina and her amazing work and attention to details with the boys. 
We can see already the changes and the progress made so far with both of them, and how healthy they have been throughout the process.
She has not just given a temporary solution, but taught them a lifestyle habit that both the kids and us, can carry and follow for life.

Thank you Tina - You are great!
We wish you all the best.
Rana, Mother of Enzo (10) and Elliott Kahi (14)